Sea Swirls


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I am in the process of setting up a 180 gal with a 75 sump. After seeing them used on another system I am thinking of adding 2 3/4" sea swirls as returns 7 and 8 for my closed loop system. All returns are 3/4 inch. They will be mounted on my eurobracing that is drill. Good Idea or bad.


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Seaswirls are great. I have them on a bunch of tanks. They provide great mixed current. I have a couple of used ones for sale if you are interested. let me know


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I hear they end up frying the motors and not working. From what many people have said, the wavyseas seem lik ethe way to go.


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wavy seas cost like 3x more and I have only seen one have a gear go out. I think that used to be more common. The one that was bad was fixed at no cost by the manufacturer.

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I highly reccomend the Sea Swirls and have used a 3/4 inch model on a prior tank. They are quiet, bulletproof, and simple devices with a long proven track record. Also great customer service if you ever need it but likely won't. Mine was purchased used and it kept on ticking for years till I resold it and got my money back. Wish more reef stuff was as reliable.