Seachem reef builder.


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Hi All! I have a quick question. I'm having low alkalinity (7dKH) problem compared to my calcium which shoots up to 600ppm. My Ph is also slightly low at 7.9.
I've read Randy's article on solving this problem and I think my system fall on the zone 4 category. My limitations is not easy to get baking soda as compared to sodium bicarbonte. So is it best for me to get Seachem's Reef Builder that raises carbonate alkalinity (dKH) ?
Or would u guys recommend any other product? I don't wanna buy anything from other DIY stores and mess up my tank.

Thank You in advance.


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Baking Soda = Sodium Bicarbonate, (Not baking powder) you shall be able to get it in any supermarket. You may not be able to get the Arm & Hammer brand but I have seen other food quality brands in Singapore.
If you spread it on a cookie tray and bake it in the oven at 350F (180C) for one and a half hours you can turn it into sodium carbonate that will increase the PH when added although is not strictly necessary.

The reef chemistry calculator can help you determine the amounts to add to correct your levels.


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I use Reef builder and have very good sucess with it. Easy to use and don't have to play games with tryng to figure out the dose. It's a proper balance of sodium bicarb and carbonate in the correct ratio for seawater balance of alkalinity. A 7.9 ph is within normal limits. Your alk is also okay. Raising it a little wouldn't be a bad idea either. Don't dose calcium without testing first. Raising the alk will help balance it. It will come down on its own. You want to bring it up to 9 or 10dkh. I also put a little in my top off water.