Seaclone Skimmer / Metal Halide for my 29 gallon


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Anyone ever use this type of skimmer or hear of someone using this? Is it a decent skimmer? On a scale of 1-10 how good is it?

Also I have a 130W PC Current light on my 29 gallon. I was thinking of custom building a canopy and using the ballasts and bulbs from this and combining this with a MH. What size halide should I use?

Thanks for everyones input. You guys rock!!
Please don't even think about the seaclone(seaclown), it is a waste of money. my rate would be 1 just to be nice lol.
Big NO, on the seaclone. It can be made into a decent skimmer with a couple of modifications, but who wants to buy a skimmer only to have to take a dremmel tool to it. I did 5 different mods to mine and it only then performed about as good as my CPR bakpak. A bakpak did alright on my 29gal. and they aren't too much more expensive than a seaclone, but corallife superskimmers are in about that same price range so I'd look into those also. I don't know why the designers of seaclone aren't paying attention to all the modifications people are doing to them and redesign them accordingly. They'd actually put out a fairly decent skimmer. Do they just not care about this reputation they have?

As for the halides, I've got a 14000K 150w on my 29gal. and it looks great. It all depends on what you plan to keep though because I think I'm kinda limited with only 150w.
I have had a seaclone and a Red sea prizm and hated both of them,I now have ASM G2 and couldnt be happier.
Coralife Super Skimmer 125 (it might be way overkill for the 29, but you could always not run it 24/7) needlewheel version.
There's a big thread on it and the general consensus seems to be a good skimmer for the money and people are generally happy with them.
I dont think a CSS125 is really needed for a 29gallon. Personally I would go with the CoralLife Super Skimmer 65galllon model (also in sump or HOT ) I have one for my 25gallon and it skimms just as well as my ASM G1-X did on my old 90gallon.
What about the MH? What size bulb should I use? Remember I will be supplimenting with 130W PC.
Thanks for the info.
Lighting is really going to be determined by what you intend on keeping.

If its just softies/lps I would go with a 175watt probally 10K, I run a 175watt 10K XM on my 25gallon alone, and plan on having a sps/lps/softie mix.

You could go with a 250watt, but you may run into heat problems without a chiller. So IMHO, I say go with a 175watt ballast & lamp.