seahorse babies, anyone want to try raisiing?


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I have a H. Redei ready to pop out lots of babies: I figure in less than a week.

Does anyone want to try and raise them? If so I will make a real effort to collect them when they are produced. Otherwise I will turn down the filtration and they will end up as food for the tank.

They will of course be free, but you will have to come and pick them up the evening they are born.

There are instructions on line on how to raise them. You will have to decide if you want to grow phyto/roties/pods, or just go with baby brine newly hatched (easiest but low success rate).

If this is your first time know that likely they will all die in a week and you should not be sad about it. I offer them up to anyone willing to try just know that success is hard with seahorses. Do a quick google to see what you would be up against and them PM me for a phone number.

I am in Norwich so consider this in your plans.

If there is someone in the club who actually knows how to do this with success, I would be willing to bankroll an effort for the club using my fry. Let me know.

I would love to for any future batches, but I'll be in France for like 8 days later this month. Let me know about later ones. :)


PM did not go through so I will put here.. Your Box if full.

Hello Kevin, I hope all is well. I would be very interested in babies. I was getting some last year, and I had some 15 years ago and I was successfull at keeping them for about 1 year. I have a 26 bow that has very little flow. This was my quarantine tank. I already have the Brine eggs in my fridge. I have 8oz of Premium Grade Brine Shrimp Eggs and the black incubator. I purcheased this stuff befor I went out and got the seahorses. I wanted to see how much work would be involved in raising they up to a decent size. Years ago I would just buy live brine to feed then I switched them over to frozen brine. There are no fish in my 26 and very few corals, perfect for this project. I can probably make it to your place with very little notice. I am about 45 minutes away here in clinton..
Be in touch,
Everyone thanks for the interest. Unfortunately the little guy popped them out while I was at work. I turned down the water flow in the tank before leaving but it does not seem to have made any difference. All babies have been lost.

However, let me say tell you this:

I have three mated pairs of animals in my tank.

Tomatoe Clown pair
Banggai Cardinal Fish pair
SeaHorse pair

All three pairs have shown they will put the babies out so I will be sure to keep all you in the know when new events are happening. In particular I am hopeful about the banggai because the do an egg ball every two months of so. So far the dad keeps eating them around day three so next time I am going to remove them and use a home made egg tumbler. If I succeed, there will be mouths to feed and I will let you guys work them.