Seahorse tank help!!


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hey guys i need your help, my 4 yrs. old kid wants a seahorse tank. i got a cube (20x20x18w) from my friend but i have some question of course since i have never set up a seahorse tank.
can i stock corals and seahorses?
how much flow?
how much ligth?
what light fixture?
any experience with seahorses?
thanks in advance!!


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Yes Jorge, try to read some infor about this.
Most of Seahorse like cooler water. 72-77F. Don't like a lot of flow. They love to have planted tank. Prefer live food (live brine shirmp, Mysis shrimp), but some can train to eat frozen food. They don't like strong light, so corals will be limited. Any corals with sweepers is not ideal. Death SPS will be good choice to have.

Hope this help you, Jorge.


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I've been keeping seahorses and pipefish off an on for the past 7 years and am by no means am an expert. From what I know. The taller the tank the better, they swim more vertically then horizontally. Most of the seahorses you'll find available now are tank raised and eat frozen mysis by the time they hit the store. Training them onto it yourself is a big pain. The only thing I have in with mine are zoos. You can have tankmates just keep them docile and to a minimum. They are very susceptible to internal worms so prazi is a good idea. They generally need lower temperatures because the bacteria vibrio thrives at warmer temps. Vibrio is flesh eating bacteria that will kill a seahorse quickly and is almost always present. The less flow the better because they are poor swimmers and can't have their food blowing around too much. They really could care less what light you have on the tank or if you have one at all. And if you get more than one, which is recommended, you probably want to get two of the same sex. A male/female pair are likely to breed and can have live fry as often as once a month. Not really a good idea unless you are prepared to try to raise them. You can look at some pictures, they are actually pretty easy to differentiate sex as long as they are about 3 inches or longer. I think that's it off the top of my head.