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what size tank should i get for keeping a par of Kuda seahorese?

are the very dificult to keep?

is there a kind that can be kept as a pair in a 15g?


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I think seahorses are difficult based on if they feed on live food or frozen food. Get a seahorse that readily accepts frozen mysid shrimp.

Fwiw, 15 gallons if fine for the swimming space of seahorses, but not for water STABILITY. I dont know how sensitive they are, but I imagine just as sensitive as any other marine fish/invert.

I would start on a 30gallon, with their typical habitat of seagrass and slow water flow.


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You can find A LOT more info on

Make sure you read up a lot on these cool guys before pulling the plug and making your pruchase.

I have a couple and they are diffifult to care for when they don't easily accept frozen mysid shrimp.