Sean's BB 40g Breeder Coral Only


I started my 90g a bit over a year ago. Over all, it has been a good tank. I had some issues here and there but corals grew and I was overall happy with it. I tried to lean more towards SPS but I started liking my flowing LPS like euphyllia a lot. I wanted to redo my rock work to accommodate more corals redo a few things, blah blah blah.

So now I've decided to start a new tank focused on corals. I will transfer about 4 large rocks with a majority of my corals to the 40br as well as add some more rock. It will be SPS focused with some LPS and zoas. I may add a one or two fish but I doubt it at this point. I do want to add some inverts though since my melanurus wrasse made that hard in my 90g. I am looking to SoCalDude's 40g as inspiration for this build.

I will be keeping my 90g and updating that thread soon. I am going to turn that into a BTA tank and add a pair of flame angels.

I'm getting a good bit of my equipment this weekend.

Tank: 40BR - Drilled for BeanAnimal overflow and two 3/4" returns

Sump: 20g - Not sure if I'll go long or high

Stand: Not sure yet. I've gotten a few quotes for custom stands but I may go plan Jane cheapo.

Light: Lumatek select-a-watt ballast and Hamilton fixture. It can go 250w or 400w and is currently running a 400w bulb. I may add T5s for more coverage if needed.

Flow: MP10es and WP25

Return: Sicce 3.0

Skimmer: Not sure, leaning towards a JNS/Aquamaxx CO-1 but also looking at a BM Curve 5 and Skimz sn123

Heater: Eheim Jager heater

Controller: Apex Jr with EB8

ATO: Break out box

Additives: BRS 1.1ml dosing 2-part

Here's a recent pic from my 90g. The two large rocks on the pillars will be moved, the two rocks in the middle and the one one the far left will also come. Mainly the base is staying in the 90g. I have 45lbs of dry rock to go in.

Untitled by slu13913, on Flickr


I'll post up when I do change things up. I foresee it being about 2-3mo before the final transfer is made.


I got a skimmer yesterday. Got a deal on a SWC120 cone that I couldn't pass up. It's about 1.5yrs old. I'm a little worried about the Atman pump but for $120 I had to give it a shot. I also got a good deal on a 3rd 1.1ml dosing pump.