secont time my tank has gone INSANE


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Not sure, my tank had this gross film on the top and my fish were all breathing hard.

I lost (As in cant find) 2 crabs, one lobster.

Did a tank changer over with 80% new water. Everything fine now.

I have two floval pumps, live rock, live sand and corals that are HUGE.
55 gallon. No sump or skimmer.

Whats my major malfunction!

Lazy on water changes?
Just to much of a stoner? :fun4:

I feed one worm cube a day at night and the fish are pretty fat and happy like fish should look.

My new tank has an overflow with a huge pocket for live rubble.


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What's your flow like? It sounds like the film your describing is from over feeding and excess nutrients. I'd recommend biting the bullet and adding a protein skimmer.


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You'll need to give more information on your tank.
How long has you tank been set up? What are your parameters? What is in the tank? Your 2 Fluval pumps, are they pumps, powerheads or filters?


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Sounds like a film is being created on top of the water and lack of oxygenation leads to heavy breathing. You need to keep the surface of the water moving around with power heads closer to the surface. My fuge gets a film from lack of flow but my display never has a problem.


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How often do you do water changes and how much? Also, the overflow is a dead spot, if it's not being used. You should be during a weekly water change, 10%. If, you have no plans for a skimmer or sump. Giving your parameters will help us, give you a course of actions.

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Agree with the above posts. Too little flow, too little nutrient export, possibly too much food. Live rock rubble in a pocket doesn't sound like a good idea unless there is plenty of flow around it.