Sedra vs Mag Drive..In Skimmer


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Okay. I have had an ASM G-2 for about 18 months now. About 5 months ago the impellar froze in the pump and I had to buy a new Sedra 3500 for it. Was not really happy about the amount of time I got out of such an expensive skimmer's pump. So, I repalced the pump with a new one. Well, the 5 month old pump is making the same noise, causing the same stop go problems. I think I am done with the "disposable" Sedra pumps. Does anyone know if I can mod a Mag Drive 5 with a modded impellar (mimicing the needlewheel) and the appropriate tubing and use it on the ASM skimmer?
Any help would be great. I'd love to drop kick this pump to the garbage! Thanks.