seen interest on a possible complete tank sale


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I have a 85g Low Iron Rimless tank w/Glass sump, Skimmer, UV Sterilizer, 2x Media Reactors, Custom Power Center cabinet with 3x Smart WiFi Power Adapters that control light, pumps, skimmer, etc.
I really don't have time for the hobby, and since the pandemic started, I have not bought anything.. so the tank is 100% stable, no pest, no flatworms. this will be a get out of the hobby deal, you will get everything I have related to reefing.

equipment list:

85Gallon Aqua Japan Show Reef Tank w/3 Low Iron Sides Rimless. ULTRA QUIET Dual Drain.
2x AQAMAI LRM100 Lights w/ Mounts
2x Jebao RW8 wavemakers w/Controllers
Jebao DCP5000 DC Return Pump w/controller
Jebao Doser 3.4 WiFi (new model)
pH Meter
Digital Dual float DC ATO w/5g Reservoir
iNKBIRD Temp Controller
2x 250w heaters
SWC-120 Skimmer w/New Impeller
4x 7" Filter Socks
Digital Fish Feeder
about 80LB of Live rock
few Soft Corals
1 Yellow Tang Medium/Small
1 Sailfin Tang Medium/Small
1 Blue Tang Medium/Small
5 Chromis Damsel
1 Clown Fish
1 other fish (don't remember name)
1 Cleaner Shrimp
several snails
Hanna Digital Test kits used (2x)basically NEW
UL Phosphate
AF Liquid and powder supplements, plus components 1+2+3+ about 80% full.
1/2 bucket of salt + 1x 200g box NEW of Reef Crystals

Extra Equipment Included:
Pentair High Efficiency RO 1:1 5-Stages
45g Brute can w/wheels and RO Float Valve
5000 LPH Pump
Multiple test
Fish food
14g Biocube rimless no/lid
15g Custom Acrylic Frag tank w/stand
2x AquaKnigh 30w LED Reef lights
2x Digital heaters (100w+50w) in box
4x Mini pumps
1 mini Skimmer
and much more!

thinking about asking in the range of $2500 for everything, no going to separate anything. there is enough equipment extra for the 14g and frag tank to be setup complete w/lights, pumps, heater, etc. I have about 10 medium bins of equipment in good shape and clean. from fraggin supplies like plugs, and glue and a Stainless Steel Frag Kit, to parts like pumps, heaters, thermometers, new custom 750gph overflow, etc.

the photo is a little old but not much has changed, except corals have grown and there is coraline on the pumps and rock


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I made the cabinet, and I am only thinking about leaving, unless I get someone to buy the whole thing, I won't part out ... I am just not having enough time to spend, running a small business and with kids now having to home school.

But until then, I am in the hobby 🙄


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Also not having time and not buying anything for the tank has me a bit depressed...��


Very nice setup!
You should stick with it. You don't need to buy more livestock to enjoy it.
Just do the minimum until you have more time to devote to it.