seio m1500 and controller


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Ok well i have never used the seios before, i am setting up a 150 (60x24x25h), witha reef flo dart return pump.. i have a friend that offered to sell me two new seio m1500 and the controller for them for $120.. he never used them because his wife bought him 2 vortech mp40... i was wondering what everyones opinion is on the seios, are they decent, i know they arent the best, how is the controller? the only powerheads i have used in the past are koralias, they are ok..


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I have 2 Seio 1500 with a controller and they have worked great for me. I am selling them now because I am getting Vortechs (can finally afford it).
Definitely get magnet mounts for them though. The suction cups the Seios come with are terrible and the vibration with a suction cup mount is noisy.
The magnet mounts run abotu 35 bucks a piece but are totally worth it IMO.