SEIOS on Aquacontroller Jr.


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I aked this question on the general forum with no results... what do you guys have to say? :)

I am gettinag an AC Jr. and was wondering if i could use the seios with its wavemaker feature. I have a DC8 with soft start



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Wavemaker feature is nothing more than an on and off timer. As for the soft start feature this is more damaging to the pump than just having the unit come on and off.

Say no to on and off wavemakers of all kinds just buy a timer from HD 4.99 ea.
FYI I you are using 1100 or larger. I have used my controller since the release and I am very happy with it


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Don't mean to Hijack the thread but how are people using the basic timers as "wavemakers"? Are they used for just setting the pumps to shut off at night and on full time during the day?
How are these basic light timers used with powerheads?



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some timer have mutliple setting for on and off. However they are not good for the pumps.
Wavemakers are only a basic timer one and the same. If you used on low power pumps like Maxi will be ok for a longer time> but still run the risk of demagnetizing the rotor and or breaking the impeller.
The only true wave maker I know of is the tunze wave box


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I've been using my AC Jr. with my 3-820's for about six months now and haven't had any problems at all.