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Hello Everyone, Well it's time for me to get out. I will be selling the corals and fish first. Then the rock and sand. After that it will be the hardware.
I will take pictures of the tank tonight just so you get an idea of what I have for corals. Mainly sps, zoos, some shrooms and a couple of clams. Everything is first come first serve. I don't know the names of all my sps corals mainly cause I never cared!!! I know I have a few millies some acros blah blah blah. The fish I have are
Niger trigger - $20
sailfin tang - $40
Royal gramma - $10
Six lined wrasse - $10
All live rock will be $4 per lb. I think I have about 100lb.

I know as far as hardware goes I can sell an Oceans motion squirt. I believe the ports are bot 3/4" - $125

Fish bowlz kalk reactor with stir bar. needs repair - $65

Icecap 660 vho ballast wiring harness and heat sink with 4 brand new 48" vho super actnic bulbs - $160

Calcium mointer. Needs new tip and battery hook up but works great - $50

2 coral vue 250w 14k MH bulbs used for a week or so. - $45 ea

eheim 2217 - $65 I have new clips for it.

overflow box I believe it's 1200 gph - $50
Most of this stuff is just off the top of my head. I post more later. Thanks for looking Here's a picture of the tank so you get and idea of what I have. I will post better pictures upon request.


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mvarghese84, It does come with the endcaps but no reflectors. The bulbs I got at marine depot have the reflectors in them already. $145 without the bulbs.
Steve and Tom thanks for the concern but I just need to get away from where I'm at right now!


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I'm interested in the Calcium Monitor---

Calcium mointer. Needs new tip and battery hook up but works great - $50

Is this the Pinpoint Ca Monitor?
What is the tip that you that on the probe?

Do you take paypal?