Selling 180 setup 08012


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Looks like I will be switching tanks again so I need to move this one here's what you get

180 RR
Stand is in great shape very well built not by me by a professional stand builder
Canopy matches the stand
And the lights come with it
Lights are 8 tube T5 ati's DIY very nice setup
I know I'm giving a very bad description but this is a really nice setup
So tank stand canopy and light $800

I also have a 150gal stock tank $50
Reef octopus 200 skimmer $200
Iwaki 70vt $100 runs great running my system now
Pan world NH-200 $75 runs great
All my equipment is well taking care of and kept clean
Since I'm not sure when I will be ready for live stock that has to go as well

Live stock
Sailfin tang $50
Yellow tang $40
Orange back fairy wrasse $50
Blue throat trigger male and female paired $150 swim together very nice fish
Red scooter dragonet $30
Linespot Flasher wrasse $30

Live stock needs to go first I will also be posting some frags and some other things
Anyone that wants a pic shoot me a pm or text (856)264-9601
I think my prices are great but I'm always open to offers please let me know if something seems I little high