Selling 58G oceanic and extras


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I'm not getting out, just getting rid of stuff from my old tank. All pictures can be found here:

All of this pickup in Naugatuck, CT [06770]

1) $140 - Oceanic 58 gallon RR with homemade wooden stand and Coral life 6 bulb T5 fixture.

2) $50 - 12" cube with stand

3) $50 - ATI calcium reactor with pump, never used (pump retails for over $100)

4) $10 - Bulk reef supply single carbon reactor

5) $20 - Corallife super skimmer 65 with pump (top missing)

6) $50 - AquaC Remora skimmer, no pump

7) $10 - DIY LED parts - customized heat sinks and aluminum tank mount

8) Free - 20L sump (going to dump Sat morning)

9) $20 - Approx 60lbs dried live rock (nice size/shape pieces)

Wife wants the stuff gone, I'm not trying to get rich just want the stuff gone. I may prioritize people who can commit to getting here sooner.


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PMed ya about the LED stuff and about the light. Also, if saltaddict doesn't make it I will pick up the sump for JustinBT, just talked to him he's in need of one for his new set up.