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Selling Aquatic Business

I have made a living for so many years now using my experience in the hobby to help others with aquarium builds, maintenance, and servicing.
After nearly 5 years of running my own business under the name of Bay Area Aquatic Maintenance, I have built a great reputation around the Bay Area.
Caesar's gets most of the northern area business especially since that is too far for my area of work. I only work North of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Most of my accounts now are within Marin County.
I am getting rid of the business and would like to sell my acounts and pass on what I have built.
If anyone is interested in taking this on please send me a message I am looking for someone who thinks they can handle running a business and keeping regular clients.
I am happy to explain anything more. Thanks for reading.*


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50k+ a year and still looking for someone reliable who can take over my business.
Website and all social media included.
Thanks for reading.


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Thanks for your reply. Not sure what your implying but I do well enough to support my family and I.
Thanks though bud.


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50k+ a year? It's the bay area!


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