Selling Out.. :(


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Well everyone, I have had to decide to sell everything and get out of the hobby for now.
Getting ready to do a double move withing the next 6 months and I am not moving this tank twice!! When I set this up
last September we had no plans of moving... Well as we all know, plans change. Ive attached a few pics, but my camera
is not the best. What I have decided for now is that I would like to sell as a complete set up. If anyone is interested
please PM me and discuss all details and any questions will be answered. Depending on the response, I may part out
The tank itself is a 220 gl Lee-Mar Flat Polished glass tank. The tank measurements are 72”L x 30”T x 24”D. A custom built stand and canopy made out of Alder Wood, and
is beautiful. I know Van has been over to see my tank, so he can back up the looks of everything. Have a 1/2 hp Current USA
chiller, and a 14 x 39w T5 Aquanetics light on it. So much to list. Please PM me for phone # and further info needed.

Thanks, Terry






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It is, It is! Lol! a RBTA. I cant believe he hasnt split! I never have to fee him anymore cause my Gold Stipe Maroon clown takes krill and silversides to him! Its the coolest thing. Now the bad news!
My Son has already got dibs on him!


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As you can tell in the Pics.. All my fish have had Diamonds inserted in ther eyes! BLING!


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wilson0204, Going on Vacation, Aug 3rd thru 12th. if I havent sold complete setup I will part out. Keep a eye out for my repost on parting out I will have everything listed then.

EvilE...Thanks! It took forever for me to make this decision.