Selling some palys/shrooms (big rocks)

Mrs Smith

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Hi guys,

Getting bored... which means I need to reaquascape.

And since I *only* have 230g, and it's full, that means its time to sell some stuff. And no, I'm not selling the basketball-sized yellow Fiji leather. So don't even ask. But you can come see it and buy something else. :)

First up is a large, flat piece of shelf rock, with a massive pink palythoa colony on it, as well as a whole bunch of pink rhodactus mushrooms. This piece is roughly 7" x 14". Asking $100 OBO. The pic doesn't do it justice

Second up is a large rock with about 40 green frilly shrooms on it. Asking $40.

I also have these gorgeous tonga Elephant Ear shrooms, $20 each, fragged on request. (You get a whole one - I just chisel the rock). They average 6" across, so make sure you have room. There are pink and green ones as well as pink/purple ones.

And last but not least, I have a really neat encrusting mat that looks like green stars, but isn't. It has a brown base, and will grow into long tubes. Will frag to order ($10-30/depending)

I am in Haines City, which is in the middle of nowhere, but would make it worth your while to travel.



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