Selling tank and inhabitants

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Hello All,

As I mentioned in an earlier thread I am having to tear down my tank due to a relocation move for my wife's work. I also mentioned that some coral and fish have been "claimed" by some very close friends that have helped me through my years in this hobby. However there are many things still available for sale and thus my message here.

I'm listing the main pieces that are for sale. This does not include many frag pieces that are also available. If you have interest in something you can contact me personally at and hold an item or show up at a final "tear down" of the tank for what might be left. Any item left at the end of the tear down day will be up for grabs. Hopefully things will go as smoothly as I think it will in my mind. I will be posting the final tear down date shortly once I see what my schedule holds.

Here's what is available:

12" gorgonian w/rock covered with green star polyp and green mushrooms $60

Fan shaped gorgonian with large amount of xenia on rock $50

sea blade on rock $15

Sinuleria attached to back glass 8" across $15

Nice shaped sarchophyte (some bleaching) $20

Extra large sinuleria with rock $100

Rock with blue ridge and green star poylp attached12 inch across $50

green hair mushroom $5

Large green bulb anenome 12" attached to rock $40

large xenia clumps $5

Green star polyp clumps $5

Large capenellia clumps $10

Many, many other small frags available for $5 OR LESS


Pacific Blue tang Large $45

Purple Tang Large $90

Yellow Tang Large $25

2 barred rabbit fish Large $20 OBO

Green Chromis $8 each 3-4 available

Blue reef chromis $10 each 2 available

Large coral banded shrimp $15

Large Maroon clown $20


Bartletts Large $30 each

Bicolor med -large $25 each

Caraberrri $20 each

Hutchi Male $25
Females $15 each

Squamipinnis (various collection sites. Coloration for these fish vary greatly due to this. Male $12
Male from Maldives $20 each
Females $10

Please be aware that anthias are schooling fish and do best in groups. They do require more attention than other marine fish. Multiple feedings per day with high water quality is a must. I would prefer to sell these in groups.

260 GALLON CUSTOM OCEANIC AQUARIUM. Dimensions are 60"L x 36"W x 28" H.

New Price was $4000

$1000 OBO!!!

I will check my emails occassionally in the next few days. I will be out of town the next few days so don't worry if I don't reply back immediately.

Once again please be patient with me. I hope this route proves to work. I'm presenting this in advance for I want people to see what is available as well as the pricing.




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If I had the room for the tank I would buy it in a heartbeat :( me and the missus is in a inbetween house plan period so unfortunately I cant jump on this one.

This could be some great purchases! :eek1:

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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7569460#post7569460 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by phishcrazee
Where in Nebraska are you located? Are you willing to ship? Do you come to Iowa often?

I 'm in Omaha. No shipping. Almost all large items have sold and most of the fish. If you have any interest in anything email me ASAP to get on the list. Tank is still for sale at this time.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7569874#post7569874 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by tom obrecht
I 'm in Omaha. No shipping. Almost all large items have sold and most of the fish. If you have any interest in anything email me ASAP to get on the list. Tank is still for sale at this time.

How about an updated list for those of us not quick enough on the draw? I am also kind of curious about some of the hardware as well.

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Alot of items have sold. No equipment is for sale.

Some of the larger pieces still available. Couple of the gorgonians, slightly bleached sarcho (think color will come back in time...polyps do expand) extra large sinuleria, fungia piece, blue ridge rock,

All tangs, rabbitfish, chromis and maroon clown still up for grabs.

Only piece of equipment being sold is the tank.

If interested you need to email me for first come first to put your name on the pieces you want. I've had alot of emails already.
I'll send out a time and date on the tear down.


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A few items are still available. Extra large sinuleria. Slightly bleached sarchopyhte (only $20), all the tangs (nice color and large) have had alot of these fish 8+ years! The tank is also available but have had some inquireries...if interested contact me ASAP at


tom obrecht

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Hello all,

I'm emailing everyone for I haven't kept track of everyone's email address as they were coming in. Anyway I'm wondering if it would be possible for some of you who live close to perhaps set a time to pick up some of the corals. I would like to get alot of the corals and rock out of the tank this week so it gives the tank a few days to settle down before trying to catch the fish. I know there will be alot of detritus stirred up and difficult to see if I try to do everything at once. If possible evenings after 7:30 will work for me if that works for you.

Thanks in advance !!


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Anyone who hasn't touched base with me on picking up items you have reserved please email me for a time this week. I want everything out by the end of the weekend!

Also, I still have the tank for sale. If interested give me an offer!!



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Does the stand/frame come with the tank? You said none of the pumps are included, correct? I also sent you a private message.


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Still have a few things available. Would really like to sell everything so as not to have to hassle with taking a trip to the LFS with anthing left over. Still have the following available.

Purple tang

Yellow tang

2 barred rabbitfish

Maroon clown

Small group of green chromis

Extra large sinuleria

The tank is still available as well!! You won't find another like this for this price!!!!!

Had a group over last night to pick up some pieces. Thanks to all who helped.

If interested please email me


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Hello All,

Sorry to repeat this to everyone, however through the barrage of emails I seemed to misplace a few addresses of people who reserved some items.

I'm trying to get all items picked up before this weekend. Once all corals and rock are gone I'll set a time and remove all the fish. If you emailed me to reserve a coral or rock please reply so as to set a time for pick up. I do have some people coming over tonight at 8:00PM and if that works feel free to contact me to verify.

Thanks to all those who have helped me!!


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Hello All,

I hope this will be my final notice...sorry to keep bothering you!

Those who have not yet picked up any coral or rock, the final time will be tomorrow (Saturday) at 4 PM. Please bring your own buckets to transport.

I have had a number of people who have reserved items that have not responded to my last email. If I don't hear from you or you don't show up tomorrow, the items are up for grabs!! I still have frags available as well as a number of pieces of live rock as well as caulerpa and sand from the main tank as well as the refugium. If possible, once the corals are out and everyone is available for fish I might start taking fish out as well. Otherwise I plan on getting the fish out Sunday, Monday at the latest. If you have not contacted me on the fish and a time to pick them up do so, for after Sunday I will be taking anything left over to a local store.

I still have not had an offer for the tank! I must get rid of this as well!! Please, if you have considered this, make me an offer!!