Sepia bandensis (Dwarf Cuttlefish) Adventures

Brock Fluharty

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I recently saw a post on TONMO about a fish store owner who had gotten some cuttlefish eggs in. He said that he was willing to ship them out to hobbyists all over, so I jumped on it. I've wanted cuttlefish for a few years now, but their availability is sporadic at best.

I purchased 3 eggs, which were overnighted to me. I open the box and see one teensy tiny cuttlefish looking at me through the bag. Then another hovered up to peek at me. And another. And another! Apparently, he had sent 4 eggs, the extra to cover any DOA's (I'm assuming.)

So I put the little guys in a plastic breeder inside my 20 gallon nano reef. The breeder has little holes drilled in the sides to allow for circulation. I added some chaeto and voila. Instant cuttle habitat.

I noticed right away that one seemed to be lethargic, and he would try to jet away from something frantically, only to do backflips and fall to sit upside down on the bottom. He died a few days later.

I had no mysis for them since I was expecting a week or so for them to hatch, so I ordered some live mysids to be overnighted. They arrived healthy and fine.

Today, I came home to find one cuttle floating on top of the water, dead. As anyone who breeds any type of marine fish (and probably ANY animal) knows, losing babies isn't uncommon.

So I'm down to 2 little baby cuttlefish. Curious little guys they are. Pictures!!! Sorry for the bad quality, they're just so small!


Thanks for reading! I'll try to update as often as possible.

Brock Fluharty


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Well congrads. Next time be ready before hand. I got caught off guard like that on my first set of eggs from my O's.


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Those are too cool! I think those or a small octo would be the most interesting animal to keep. Good luck and post some updated photos when you can.