Sequence Barracuda help


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I had to take mine apart today to remove a snail. After putting it back together the right way it started leaking. Is there anything I can use to seal the o-ring that's already in there?


Claris or Elliot?
yeah some people call it plumbers tape... it looks like the container that holds medical adhesive tape. it's extremely thin, white, and wraps around the threads. the deeper the threads the more you should use... i don't think you can use too much, the threads just smash it and makes it a pressure fitting


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that stuff has a lot of diffrent names. i hear it called teflon tape all the time. it costs maybe 75Ã"šÃ‚¢. but when you put it on you have to make sure to wrap it the right way. if the screw screws in clockwise (99.99999% of screws) you have to wrap it counterclockwise. that way when you screw it on it wont unwrap itself off the screw (it will if you put in on clockwise)


Teflon tape is really a lubricant that helps you get your screw or bolt in tighter. If it's your o-ring that's leaking you may have a small piece of sand or something that's preventing a good seal. Take the pump apart and carefully clean the o-ring and the groves the o-ring sets in. If the pump still leaks you'll probably need a new o-ring.


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Moumda, you were right, I cleaned it up really well and it's working good again, thanks....sometimes this hobby can become frustrating and it's nice to have an outlet like RC to be able to ask a stupid question that you already knew the answer to.
Thanks again