serpent star food is this ok


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Because serpent stars are scavengers, they will eat pretty much anything you put in the tank. I don't really feed m ine anything - they get whatever they find that is leftover from my regular fish feedings.


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i feed my fish verry little ther is almost no food left after feeding and i also have many hermits so he has alot to compeat with the food is realy for fresh water


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That should work just fine. Like nilldogg, I never really fed my serpent star, but if you don't think there will be much for him to scavenge, supplemental feedings are certainly a good idea.


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No way would I put that in my tank. That is for fresh water fish and is really nuggets of phosphate and nitrate. Hell no!

Use foods which are processed as little as possible. That is a highly processed food. If you are going to feed that star which previous posters mostly agree is going to just impede that star's real job of scavenging then use silversides or mysis.


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Agreed, you really should have to feed the starfish anything extra providing you are feeding something else regularly. They will scavenge just about any type of food and the less food you have to add to the tank the better.