Serpent Starfish?


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I have a sand-sifting starfish and even though they are amazing, I would like a starfish that is more sociable! ;)

I saw at my LFS today a serpent starfish, it was brown with black stipes and was wondering who owns (or who has) one and if they are reef safe?

I know the green ones are to be avoided but are the brown ones ok to have?


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Serpents and brittle starfish are (for the most part) reef safe, although they are not very sociable. If you're looking for a starfish that will be visible most of the time, you might check into a Linkia starfish. These are reef safe, and stay in plain sight most of the time.


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I've heard many people have trouble keeping Linkias alive though for various reasons.

Why should the green harlequins be avoided? I've had 3 green ones in my 38 gallon since last fall and they haven't hurt anything. They only come out when you feed the tank but you can usually see a leg or two sticking up so you always know where they are. I know they're pretty unsocial but I still think they're one of the coolest things in the tank. They're cool to feed pieces of frozen food. If I put the tongs in the water with no food now, they start coming out looking for some. People really like watching them eat.


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i have a brittle star and it rarely comes out except at night. but it has never done any damage to any of my other inhabitants. when you do see it, it is a pretty cool starfish.