Setting up a 72 gal tank in Dubai


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Well after being out of the saltwater arena for over a year I feel like I am starting out brand new to the hobby all over again. My life is finally settling back into order and the tank is up and running, well sort of.

I moved to Dubai and between the power sources and converters and lights and etc its been one headache after another. I have been to the so if anyone else for the UAE and Dubai runs across this post check that website out for local support as well.

I had to reseal the 72 Gal Bowfront as there were some cracks in the sealant and I figured it would be worth the time and effort which came out nicely and as of yet has no leaks.

My setup has two 1400 Hydor powerheads but are either running in reverse at times or not producing a whole lot of flow, not sure if during the move and sitting for a while corrosion sat in but probably going to replace them with some higher power ones in the 2000-3000 range as I never really had the flow I wanted in the first place.

As far as skimmer, I am running a remora pro HOB which has worked well other then its a little loud, I would like to add a sump but room is limited with adding the 220 to 110 converter so would it even be worth it to add a sump of ten gallons or maybe a fifteen gallon tall of some sort?

The lights are good but I haven't found replacement bulbs for the CF yet but luckily my MH's made it and I only had one CF that went out soon after I fired it up again.

Another issue I have come across is my RO/DI filter needs replacement cartridges and it started at 1 and 2 but then by the end of the fill I was up to 20. I haven't added salt yet and wondering if I should wait till my replacements come in and restart the fill or just go with it?

Also debating a sand bottom verse the starboard bare bottom, I understand the pros and cons and the only cons that matter are the gobies and look. So much easier on maintenance in my mind.

I guess those are the questions I have as of now, sorry for the long post, any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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