Setting up a Reef Club... in the UK


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Hey, I am looking to set up a 'reef club' around my area, for people, preferably around my age (e.g school kids/college).

I followed a link on this forum for setting up such a club, but that is for US only.

Does anybody have any advice/tips to give me to have people take me seriously rather than looking at me as though I smoke weed :bum:

It is worth mentioning that I've got about 8 people in my class to get into fish, 5 of which now have marine aquariums, the others diverged into the 'Dark Side' and got Tropical fish :rollface:

hi my names Michael:)

i have been looking at ur post and i have a marine tank, i would love to be part of ur club:)

i live in the Essex area, where are u located?

thx alot:)
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It's in is post under his name
Gloucester, England

Yeah, thats it thanks.