Setup for Sale!! In Charleston WV


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Im going to sell my 20L to fund my new nano project. Im going to be getting a 24 gal Aquapod with the 70 watt MH.
Heres the Low down.

For sale!!!!

20L tank in operation for about 2 years. Every thing included rock and sand the only thing im keeping is the 2 clowns. You will get 1 sally light foot, 1 pepermint shrimp. This tank has tons and tons of xeina and yellow polyps. This tank looks great. I will help you move it if it is this week. You will get the light Dual 30 inch satelite which has new bulbs and the tidepool 2 sump.
Wet dry link
Lighting link
also the tank has a 10 gallon fuge that is packed with microalge. This is a great setup that is great for a person just wanting another tank or trying to get into the hobby cheep. Everything needs to go I want to get my nano project rolling.

Over $900 invested will sell all for $400obo
The xeina alone is worth 100's of $'s if purchased at the pet store. This tank has made me enough money to fund my entire 46 gallon project. Its a money maker for sure if you want to sell xeina at the meeting or to the pet stores.

If you want to see pics just pm me