Setup Quarantine tank with display water due to Marine Velvet


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Hi guys,

unfortunately I recently lost my clown goby and tailspot blenny to marine velvet. Beginner mistake - I didn't quarantine them.

Luckily I only had them to start of with together with some corals and a Watchman Goby. This last little guy never showed any symptoms and is doing 'okay' so far.

Basically knowing that the marine velvet is still in my display tank I urgently want to quarantine my watchman goby and leave my display tank fallow for at least 8 weeks.

QUESTION: I set up a quarantine tank where I will treat him with copper. Due to the urgency I don't think I have time to cycle this quarantine tank. Could I use water from my (infested) display tank towards my quarantine tank and treat it as such? I understand the cycling could otherwise last for weeks - which could be too late for the little guy anyway.

All feedback is welcome!

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The beneficial bacteria are present in and on the rocks, and not so much in the water.
In this emergency, IMHO, you would be far better off taking a few rocks from your main display and putting them in your QT tank with new water. You shouldn't see much of a cycle, if any at all. Go easy on the feedings, and clean up what falls or isn't eaten.

If you do go this route, do not reuse the rocks in you main tank.

Good luck!