Sexy shrimp - any input on keeping them?


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I'm not sure this is the right thread but didn't see where it fit. I just happened upon some pics and videos of these guys....the shops claim they are easy care, have people found that to be true?

Any pics with some in your aquarium would be great.


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you should try the Other Inverts instead of the Mantis Shrimp. Any who, how big is your tank? I had a couple in my 120g and they went right for my Rose Bubble Tip Anem. I was surprised how much we saw them, pretty easy to care for. Sometimes they would eat what the Anem. was or what it didnt eat. or just scurry across the rock/sand. Just watch what fish and shrimp you have them with since they are so small.

If you have an Anem. then it will be their protection


Mantis Shrimp specific thread here, you won't get any direct help here but a link to the invert section.


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We have a breeding pair of Sexy Shrimp that live in our 150g dt. They live in an approx. 10" in diameter green carpet anemone. I won't list all 15 fish that are in there but they have done fine with our flame hawk as well as no problems with the cleaner and blood shrimp.

They almost stay exclusively in the anemone but late at night I sometimes see them scampering around the sand bed.

You should realize that they're quite small..around a half inch at most.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Also wanted to add that if you only have one anemone and if it is hosting clown fish, the clowns might get nasty with the shrimp.
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