Sexy shrimp...Do they regroup usually?


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Hey guys,

I bought 3 sexy shrimps a few days ago and they seem all to be doing well.

When I first introduced them in my tank I dropped all 3 at the very top of my pile of rocks since I was scared my cleaner skunk shrimp would go after them. They're very tiny...about 1/4 inch long. They stayed on top of my rocks for the entire night and the next morning I couldn't locate them anymore. I thought my cleaner :uzi: killed them all.

But then to my surprise and relief, I found two of them right underneath my 3.5 inch Plate Coral and moving around it. The third one was MIA. Then, I finally found him hidden in a small crevice of my rock.

Do you guys think hes eventually gonna move down and join the other two? Do they have a form of communication or smell so that they can find each other? They don't seem to have great eye sight as I notice they don't seem stressed by my led flashlight at night not like my cleaner who hides right away if i point it too close to him.

I really thought my cleaner shrimp was gonna go after them but he's been good and pretty much ignored them.