SF Brand Mysis


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Well, my mom went to a pet store today to get cat food and asked if there was anything I needed so I told her to get some frozen mysis. I forgot to tell her which brand to get and she got the San Francisco Bay brand instead of the Hikari I normally use. The fish went crazy for it, but I'm wondering if it is as good nutritionally. Does anyone on here use it?


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PE Mysis > San Francisco Bay > Hikari > The Rest

IHMO, atleast. Though you do need to rinse them and drain them better than PE.


I like SFB Mysis and honestly I like it better than PE Mysis. I totally disagree that it needs to be rinsed better than PE. The PE I've used in the past was really oily and the SFB has never been even close to as oily as PE. I feed primarily now with SFB.