shallow tanks- let's see 'em!


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Well, I am entering the big tank club bc one of my LFS had just too good of a deal to pass on (who here hasn't used those words as an excuse!). I am picking up a 9.5'L x 4'W x 16" T 360G tank previously used for their stingrays. I've been wanting one of these shallow tanks a while to do a reef tank and though I'm not ready to set it up it was just toooo gooood to pass on. While I work out which corner of the garage it has to wait very patently in before it gets wet again, I'm calling on all you shallow tank folks to show your tank designs off and help give me even more inspiration than trolling this forum already does:D. Aquascaping, fish, corals, general tank setup & tank/room design, etc.

Hit us with you best shots! :wave:
Let's see 'em!