Shark and reef


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Hi guys,
posted a thread in large reef section but had no replys.

im hoping to start setting up a 72" long x 31 1/2 wide " x 28" tall tank in the next month.

i will be transfering all my corals and two clams from my current 80 gallon tank in to this new tank but i was wondering on ppls opinions on if this tank would be large enough for a speckled Epaulette Shark (Hemiscylium trispecular) which grows to a max of 25"? this is an australian species with is available here in Aus.
this species is a close relative of the common Epaulette Shark (Hemiscylium ocellatum) but does not attain the same size.

my current 80 gallon tank will be become my sump/refegrium with around 40 gallons of water, so water quality should be great with a total of around 300 gallons all up.

i was also wanting to keep around 15-20 Anthias, a powder blue tang and an emperor angel.

i know this is not the reef thread but i recieved no replys so im hoping here i will get a few more.