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Hi guys,
posted a thread in large reef section but had no replys.

im hoping to start setting up a 72" long x 31 1/2 wide " x 28" tall tank in the next month.

i will be transfering all my corals and two clams from my current 80 gallon tank in to this new tank but i was wondering on ppls opinions on if this tank would be large enough for a speckled Epaulette Shark (Hemiscylium trispecular) which grows to a max of 25"? this is an australian species with is available here in Aus.
this species is a close relative of the common Epaulette Shark (Hemiscylium ocellatum) but does not attain the same size.

my current 80 gallon tank will be become my sump/refegrium with around 40 gallons of water, so water quality should be great with a total of around 300 gallons all up.

i was also wanting to keep around 15-20 Anthias, a powder blue tang and an emperor angel.

i know this is not the reef thread but i recieved no replys so im hoping here i will get a few more.

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Size wise it seems fine. I dont know much about this shark but I would worry about it bumping into and damaging corals.


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I don't know too much about sharks, but I thought sharks and large angelfish were a no no. I believe I've read the angelfish will pick at the shark's eyes and such. Could be wrong, just wanted to throw it out there.


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That is true, large angels, triggers, puffers and lionfish are all not acceptable tankmates for sharks. I'd be worried about the shark bumping into your corals, knocking them off etc. If you can put most up high on rocks, you'd have a better chance, but clams usually like to be in a sand bed. It really is a hit or miss how the shark acts/swims, I don't know much about those sharks and if they mainly stay at the bottom or are active swimmers.


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eppies are more of a bottom dwelling shark from what i have heard (not requiem or free swimming) so you should be fine with corals. I would just epoxy or superglue them to the LR to make sure they are good and tight. even if he knocks into the corals he would literally be "fragging them for you. Make sure you have plenty of swimming room though. HTH


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thanks for the replys

yeah i will be attaching the corals to the live rock, but can anyone suggest an adhesive for this as i dont want to add anything to the water that will release toxins. its hard to find such products over here in Australian so is there any type of plastic adhesive that i should look out for and any chemicals i should make sure are not included in the product?

there will be plenty of swimming room as i am only going to be using my 2x mh lighting system from my last tank so the live rock and coral will be situated in the middle of the tank, leaving plenty of swimming room on the sides and front and back.

I understand about the Angelfish, if i add a juvinile angel and a young shark at the same time would this reduce the chance of aggresion from the angel towards the shark? if not can u suggest any other angelfish or fish that would be acceptable?



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Given the tank size you stated, & the size of & species of shark (as you stated)- the tank should be okay.

I agree with - LionFishFinatic suggestion - about epoxying the coral to the LR. Just make sure you have enough swimming room for the Eppie.

And I also agree - Angels, triggers, puffers & Lionfish tend to make poor tankmates for sharks.


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I do think the clam's are to risky and will get destroyed one way or another. Frags may get broke, but sure its possible.


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Why would the clams be a risk? the shark bumping in to them or something else.
I have 1 squasmosa which is massive and taking over my 4 foot, which is one reason for upgrade. the other is a maxima and that will be positioned up on the rock work.