Shark Bait's 265g Softie Reef


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This is actually my first post and tank thread, but I've been lurking for a few years so bear with me! I started out with a Biocube at 14 and moved up to a 55, then 125 which I've had for a few years. I've been searching for months for a 265 and finally came across an amazing deal on one that was only set up for two months. I bought it the next day and set it up in record time.

Going to college in a different state means this is more of a slow budget build. I'm not too sure if this build belongs here with all of these amazing tanks, but it's more for me to ask questions anyway.


-265 gallon 72"x24"x32"
-custom stand
-300lbs of marco rock plus pre-existing rock from the 125
-2x 1" sea swirls
-Custom 60g sump and refugium
-Reflow gold hybrid dart
-2x phosban reactors 550 two little fishes
-Skimmer rated to 800g (forgot the name honestly)
-Marineland Leds
-55w UV sterilizer

In QT now:
-Green bird wrasse
-Toby puffer
-Sohal Tang
-Naso Tang
-Threadfin snapper
unfortunately while I was away I was away, I lost my Red Sea Regal, Queen and PB tang, my 3 favorite of course.

I missed some pictures of the move but here is a general timeline:


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Rockwork as of now: Not totally happy with it, but I think it looks a little nicer and allows for some room to swim







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Very nice start. Yes you posted in the right section.

I agree with having an area to swim, like you finished with.

How close is it to the back wall?

If you are away, I assume you have a good sitter, and a webcam. LOL


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Thanks! The sitter is so-so, hence the loss of my angels haha, but he tries his best. My plan is to go with a few angels and some of the more "toxic" coral they wont go for as much. I don't mind a few missing polyps in exchange for beautiful fish.

I actually just ordered a 75w UV to help while I'm away from the tank. My experience with them so far has night and day, but anecdotal.

I'm also looking to add some more water movement to the tank. Worm, I see you have a 265, what are you doing for power heads? Im thinking of maybe a larger Jebao rw or maybe the gyre.


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For posting images, it is usually easier to post them on a dedicated image host like Photobucket or Flickr and then link them back here to RC using the yellow mountain icon in the editor.

For your rockwork, I would suggest you have too much rock for your size of tank. I would remove about half. Put some in your sump or a separate refugium.



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Thanks Dave I'll be sure to do that in the future.

Can anyone suggest a decent power head combination for this tank? I usually go with the koralia but I feel like they aren't strong enough for this tank, and a mp60 is out of my price range. I'd prefer something with a wave function to help stir up sediment.

Would a rw20 or gyre be enough for this size tank?