Shark & Reef tank - 2200 gallons!


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Sure, that is an impressive setup - but shark/reef? Anyone see any future nutrient problems there? Maybe ok for soft corals, but one would think any SPS put in there would brown out in a hurry.
And they are going to build a tank for an adult sand shark? Not meaning to dismiss the great pictures or sound like a jerk, but I would have issues shopping there, it just seems to violate some simple fish and reef keeping issues.


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You're not a jerk, Ooulophilia. They've had this shark for years, and it has been in three tanks prior to this one. And they had an idea to make it more interesting.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out. Water changes will be a task, that's too be sure.


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melev...any idea what they feed the shark and how often?

are all of the tank plumbing together somehow or is this one on its own?

do you know what they skim that bad boy with?

sorry for all the questions, thats a lot for sharing.

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That doesn't look like too much room for that shark. It's pretty big.

It doesn't look like it has any more than a body length in any direction :(


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They feed it twice a week, but I can't recall what the food was for some reason. I'll have to ask again.

It uses one giant pump for circulation. I asked them if it was tied into the store's system, and they said yes so water quality should be easy to maintain considering how many tanks are connected.

The main systems have a few DIY skimmers pulling out crud daily.

While I know it isn't the giant pool at Sea World that Shamu enjoys, this does seem like a nice size for the shark to swim around in. In person, it feels larger than it looks in the pictures.