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Tomorrow I am going to search around and get some shipping quotes to ship a coral over night. What are the prices that others have paid? I know it has do with locations but I am just trying to get an idea of the price.


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no matter what is paid, if it isnt shipped right, you end up loosing a good percentage of the livestock. If your shipping to a cold weather city make sure you use a full styrofoam cooler. I've done transactions with someone on ebay and 2 members on here. I live in a exceptionally cold city, so a full styrofoam cooler is a must. I can eat few thousand dollar loss pretty easily, but others that your shipping to may not be as fortunate. Ship it properly and don't underbid the shipping if you think it needs a better box (styrofoam cooler). Ask the buyer what his preference is and adjust the cost accordingly. If the buyer wishes to take the chance getting it shipped to a cold city, then you can say you tried to offer options.

A full styrofoam box is a must when shipping in freezing temps, not with 1 inch or less styrofoam cutouts for the 6 sides..

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Use priority overnight, gauranteed delivery before noon. I like Fed Ex, Single coral box IE Med Pack box from Fed Ex around $5 w/ the outter bag will ship a coral up to 3 X 3 ". Shipping costs ~ $45 Need to pack coral in heat sealed bag or thcik double or triple lined LFS bag w/ good RB seal. As far as shipping temps go you must think about temps on the route of trip to destination. Say if shipping from Michagan to Texas check the weather at destination, you may need heat pack in Michagan but a chill pack in TX. But usually OK w/ chill packs. Better to over cool than to overheat. And a chill pac placed in at room temp can actually help keep a box from freezing and then cool on the warm side of the trip.
Placing bubble wrap inside of box sheild from cold and heat as well as bumps.

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Where am I?
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^ very good info, I am shipping from Maryland to tip of Michagen. So it's cold. I save all my live aquaria shipping boxes.


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I give props to anyone who ships livestock or corals and is not a vendor. Talk about meticulous work! Great thread.