should i be dosing for fowlr tank?


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I have a fowlr tank. Should I be dosing my top off water with anything or should I edosing my water when I do waterchanges? I only plan to keep shrimp and hermits/snails outside of the fish.


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I think the general rule of thumb is don't dose anything you don't test for. Having to high of levels of elements can be worse than too low sometimes. As for FOWLR, i don't think they are as touchy for levels of elements. Water changes are probably enough. Iodine maybe depending on the number of crustaceans you are going to keep (helps with molting).


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The livestock will fair better if you maintain the elements like you would in a typical reef ecosystem. While their is no stony coral to strip the elements out, snail shells and corainline algae will be all the better if you maintain the big three.


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I found in my tank before I started adding corals that the Mg and Calcium had dropped a surprising amount. When I started dosing the coralline algae did much better and purpled up alot. But I did start testing first for MG, Alk, and Calcium.


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Yea I bought alk calc and mag tests yesterday and everything seems ok. But im doing a wc and want to know if I should dose it


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If your levels are okay, don't dose.

If you're concerned about the water change throwing things off, test again a day after the change.


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Maintain the params in my sig line and your fish will be happy. It's the reef parameters, but the fish don't mind it at all; and in a fish-only with water changes you really don't have to dose much to hold it there.