should i be dosing


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I have small nano tank 8g and i use real sea water for my weekly 2.5 g water changes . am i replacing all the trace elements i need for my corals this way or should i be using a supplement to?


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A quick test before your next water change of calcium and mag levels will give you a baseline to figure out if you should be or not, how many corals do you currently have?


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even if you're doing weekly changes, a quick little shot of bionic or even your own stuff probably won't hurt. i've found that even with reef crystals both calcium and alk are pretty low compared to where i want them.

i'd also test after your water change and see what it is.


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right now i have xenia,kenya,trumpet,zoo's and shrooms all growing great.
the test kit i have right now doe not test calcium or mag .
do you think the a pet store would test those for me if i bought a sample in?
i would hate to buy to test kits to only find out i am fine and do not need dosing.


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Reef crystals actually starts out pretty high in alk, around 11. Calcium is usually 380 or so.

mtc- You should get it tested either by a store or fellow member. I would guess you're just fine, though, as your doing fairly large weekly water changes.