should i do a sps tank or lps


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i have a 75 gallon reef tank been up for 1 year have 4 lps corals but i think i wont to do a sps tank more colors and better looking. I run one power head so far and will add more if i have to. i have a 6 bulb t-5 aquaticlife fixture and i have a 30 gallon sump/refuge and a hang on the back protein skimmer. if anyone can help me with this discussion that would be great i will answer any questions you have.:hmm5:


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sps are a different ball game to other corals in terms of keeping. They require pristine, stable conditions, strong variable flow and good lighting. I would suggest trying an easier sps like poccilopora, green slimmer, or stylophora and see how you go with them first. Also frags over colonys and imo it gives the coral the oppertunity to grow to the conditions in your tank rather that dropping a colony in and having rtn from dead flow spots. good luck ;-)


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If you looking for colors, both sps and lps can give you that.

This thread has some good pics showing many different colors:

As robs.mark states sps do require more care. Also many times you see people who are keeping healthy sps but are battling to get them to color up. More equipment can help as the water quality demands and keeping up with water perimeters as sps grow.

With your equipment stated I would actually aim for more lps. Mix it up some, blasto, arcans, open brain, colorful candy cane, some torch corals are colorful, ect. Also add another powerhead on a wavemaker. Lps will move with the water as sps just kind of are there. The corals will probably enjoy the flow as well.