Should I Upgrade Skimmer & Lose a Filter


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I have a 75 with 2 Emperor 400 HOB Filters, UV Sterilizer, and Seaclone 150 Skimmer. I have 80 lbs LR, 60 lbs LS. I would like to get a better HOB Skimmer but I think I would have to get rid of one of the Emperor 400's. I thought I would go with a AquaC Remora Pro w/Mag 3 HOB Skimmer and either do away with one Emperor 400 completely. Or add a Emperor 250 in its place. What would any of you recommend.

Also would you recommend I get rid of the Bio wheels or keep them in. Some people say they can be Nitrate Factories. But I know they really eat up the Ammonia, and Nitrites.