Show off your Micro-Gobies.


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Small Gobies don't get enough attention. Post your Trimmas, Eviotas, Elacatinus, etc. here. Small shrimp gobies and clowns welcome, too.

I'll go first:

My Red Eviota with his matching Scolymia.


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nice ones. Cateyes, I have one of those lime striped ones, too. Great little fish but spends most his time inhis home under a rock but always comes out in the evenings. I can never get a photo!

Keep 'em coming. I know there are many others!


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Nice adtravels! I just picked up a different kind of trimma from a local store yesterday. It's the red speckled one. One of larger ones I've ever seen-- almost 1" and super chubby. I'll post some pics today.


you cant buy blue fingers
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Nice fish but no not micro, circa 1 inch adult size (or less) would be my definition;)


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We'll let that one slide. The small shrimp gobies like kingfisher62's don't get enough attention, either. I love those guys, too.

Keep 'em coming.


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Wow awesome, I love small guys too! I have a few I don't have pics of they're so small and fast but here's one I got to stay still for me. My priolepis


I also have a gumdrop goby, green clown, red with white spots trimma, and a flame head goby. Good luck getting pictures of them they just wont hold still!


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11713741#post11713741 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by msu spartan
reefer1024. how big is that tank and what kinda gobies are they?

The 2 red striped gobies are Trimma Cana.
The smallest red one on the monti cap is Eviota bifasciata.
I have not been able to identify the 2 pink/yellow Trimma Sp.

The picture is of my old 2.5 gallon (don't try this at home kids). Its almost 3 years old in the picture. I have since moved everything to a 12" cube

Great pictures everyone. Keep em coming.


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do you have to spot feed these guys? I find it increadibly difficult to keep gobies because they won't eat unless food falls on their face.