Show Size Fish Need Good Large Home


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Gauging interest in two large and completely healthy show size fish.

1 Porcupine Puffer (approx 7-8 inches). I have had him for over 3 years and he will eat krill (which I soak in vitamins and garlic for nutrition). He is extremely personable and an amazing fish. I will also add that he is in a full reef tank and is completely reef safe (minus hermit crabs and snails); he will not touch corals (lps, sps, soft), clams, cleaner shrimp. Looking for 150 gallon plus size tank.

1 Vlamingi Tang (14-15 inches). Absolutley gorgeous and healthy fish. Will eat anything and everything (pellet, nori, frozen, bubble algae, etc). MUST HAVE A LARGE TANK 200 gallons or greater (preferred). Very personable, no scarring, no excuses. A true showpiece.

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Those are 2 awesome fish wish i could take them off your hands dont have the tanks for them