Shrunken Rose Bubble


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I've had a Rose bubble for over 5 years in a 10g nano and it was pretty happy. I recently made several changes to my tank.

1. Went from bare bottom to 2.5 inches of sand
2. Replaced powersweep with 2 koralia Nanos.
3. Stopped running charcoal

I did this to try and kill a long battle with bryopsis and surprisingly it worked.

Now SPS, LPS are ecstatic and growing like crazy BUT ....

Mushrooms, zoas, and my Nem are unhappy. My Rose bubble walked up towards the top of the tank stuck itself into a hole, shrunk down to the size of a nickel and won't come out. It has probably been 2 months at this point. I can't feed it as it is not sticky now.

All my parameters are perfect. I have a continuous water change running that does a 20% water change weekly. Last week I did a manual water change too. Temperature is controlled by an AC Jr. Salinity is fine, maintained by an ATO using RO/DI water with TDS at 0.

What am I missing that would upset mushroom species? (The mushrooms are cupped rather than laying flat and spreading out)