Shutting Equipment off During Feeding

Shutting Equipment off During Feeding

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  • All Filters, Skimmers, Power Heads & Sumps

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I shut them off because I run filter socks and I don't want a bunch of food going into it. I do it with a 10 minute standby on my RKE system.


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I turn off the return pump because I don't want all the food to end up in my sump. But I leave on the circulation pumps so the water doesn't just sit still with the corals in it.



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no turning off for me. Too many accidental tragedies from failure to remember to turn it back on.

Used to be me until I got my RKL+. Can't tell you how many times I ended up with water on my floor because my new son got my attention.

Now I just hit "standby" on the RKL+(after programming it) and it shuts down the two return pumps and skimmer. Then 4 mins later one of the pumps kicks in, another five minutes later the other pump kicks in, then 15 minutes later my skimmer finally turns back on. All while I'm changing diapers and whatnot! LOVE IT!

If I just kept everythint running WAY too many mysis, krill and whatever else would just go down into my sump to rot away on the bottom.

I'll just say it right now, having an aquacontroller has changed my life. Totally serious I would never go without one again.


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Same here with an elite. But I mix it up and sometimes turn the vortecs to feed, but most of the time now,I don't. But it depends on what mode I have them in.

I also don't worry about the skimmer(ev120), because it basically has a built in governor(as I call it), but they are known to do this: when you place good in the tank, they basically don't skim for a while, but it always comes back!

And as for the food in the sump,I, now use new life floating pellets, which I use 1mm and 3mm, so the fish and inverts consume it quickly. That, that does go down our should I say up, goes into the fuge and the little critters consume it like candy.. But, no problems..

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return pump and skimmer are off...i have them on a hand held remote....i have it rigged so the skimmer can't go back on unless the return is on first.


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i leave everything on. i also dont put my mps on feeding mode because i find no use for it. these animals eat in the ocean with much harsher wave conditions. i like to see my fish swimming against currents to get food. i feel that by doing this will help keep them strong and healthy. but thats just me.


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^i like your outlook on that.
I would still turn the return off during feeding. Otherwise the food gets sucked down the overflow.

Or at least that's what happens in MY reef.


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Yes I still leave my Koralias on...just turn off the returns and skimmmer is all. My fish work for their food. They aren't scavengers and don't get anything for free in the ocean either.