Sicce---pretty clever.


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Like many, I have more than one tank, and though 2 of these are serving a freshwater tank, the Sicce Shark would not be a bad little pump for a quarantine. The thing is all magnets, and instead of turning it off, you just reach in and pop the magnetically held 2 bottom cylinders off, clean them in the sink and pop them back on. Well, today too much came off: I accidentally twisted and got the impeller housing along with the cylinders. Went to put it all back on and no water flow. Spotted the very tough bright yellow impeller on the bottom of the tank, picked it up and popped it back onto the lazily rotating shaft: it immediately went rotating like mad...still running, which is the convenience of these pumps: they never stop. I twisted the housing on, popped the cylinders on, and it's working like mad. These little pumps are tough, easily serviceable, and real clever.