Sicce Syncra SDC pump and router wifi steering woes


New member
I need some help with getting a Sicce Syncra pump to connect to the controller app. Based on reading through the manual and watching the installation videos, the pump clearly can only connect to the 2.4 MHz frequency, however this new fangled router that I have, has what is known as "bandwidth steering". This means that is has both the 2.5 MHz and 5 MHz channels but the router makes the choice for you about to use and "steers" you to the correct channel, so when you connect to the wifi there is only one network available. When I try to follow the instructions on the ContrAll ap, I can never get the pump to show up on the app. I can connect to the local wifi set by the control box, I enter the proper information (minus the gateway IP address because I cannot figure out what that is) which is prompted by connecting to the local network and then it tells that that information has been saved. But when I go back to the ContrAll ap, the pump isn't there.

SO my questions are
1. Is the Syncra pump and ContrAll app not compatible with this type of router
2. Am I just a dummy and messing up the pump registration setup (if so, please help!)

I have reached out to the Sicce people but I am still waiting to hear from them. Note that I was unsuccessful at manipulating the router to turn off the bandwidth steering.

Thank you!