Sick Clown please help


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So I hot this clowns 2 days ago. Four of them seem to be doing just fine, but I got this guy who is really having issues.

The tank is a 29 gallon QT tank, with a cupramine concetration of 0.5 and I just added a tablespoon of Prazipro to see if the little guy can make it.

I dont know what it could be, It dosent react much to stimulus or even the light from the cellphone camera.

Here is a video of it:

Any help is appreciated.

THanks !


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some fish just dont handle the copper as well as others do
and i dont think your suppose to use any other type of medicine/solution with copper


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The clownfish from the first video is dead, my LFS will supply another one with no charge.

But today all the other clown fishs were all acting funny, not that hungry but this guy in particular was behaving "weird". He is not with the other big guys, plus he was not swimming like this, looks like it goes to the top and to a side.

Here is a video, any help is appreciated.


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looks like it might be swim bladder disease... could be several causes, sometimes they get better as long as water quality is good... sometimes you have to treat it. (such as bacteria)

I wouldn't use cupramine... could be causing additional stress that lead to the swim bladder problem. There are alternatives that aren't so tough on fish, such as TTM or CP.


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well after reading and much observation the conclusion is "floating pellet disease", he is eating pellets from the surface, and getting air in the mean time, which makes him more buoyant, nothing to worry the fish will recover.

Its now fine btw.

Thanks for the help


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So my LFS gave another black snowflake. After a few days Im seeing this weird behaviour:

1) Rapid breathing
2) No eating
3) Seems to be swimming in odd way (mostly vertical)

I have the QT tank with cupramine at 0,5. In the morning I added Prazipro...

I dont know what could it be, the no eating part is what really worries me.

Here is a video of the little guy. Any help is appreciated.