Sick/dying Trumpet Coral?


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I just finished feeding my fish, and noticed one very sad looking Trumpet coral. While the mouths look fine, the flesh has nearly completely receded and the skeleton is bare in most places; what flesh remains looks stringy. Here's the best I could do for pics:




two questions - is this guy a goner, or is there a possibility of surviving? Also, I'm at a loss as to what caused this. Parameters are all within range and have been stable for months (35ppt, 7.9-8.2pH, Ca380 - a little low, but stable, temp 26C, NH3/NH4+/NO2 zero, NO3 <5ppm). There are no corals around it to attack it, and no livestock to harm it. I fed it Cyclopeeze two nights ago, and yesterday it looked larger than ever before; I fed again last night, and now this today. Could I have overfed it, or could have the cyclopeeze have harmed it somehow?

Forgot to add, lighting is only PC, but it's been doing fine for 4 months now and went to this overnight, so I'm thinking something more acute.


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They do look like they are in pretty bad shape. Something is definitely stressing them out.
As long as there is some tissue the can always come back but it will take a while to look whole again. First thing I might try is a water change. "When in doubt , do a water change" has always been my motto. What is your alk?