sick fish, but how?


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read current tanks for tank mates.

I have been wondering why my chromies have been hiding for a couple days. with all my perams testing ok i couldnt figure it out. someone here thought it may be voltage. so i tested for that saw there was some volts but nothing that would hurt the fish since it was not current running through the tank/fish. a couple days go by and i see my clown is now in a corner and it has white dusting on him. My cardinal is now missing, and i really meen missing for 2 light cycles.

So... the first thing to say is ick. well the last addition to the tank was on 3.4.06 and everything has been fine and i was smiling thinking to myself the tank is done for a while. as you can see thats not the case.

is fungal infections anything like ick. when i had this 6 fish died withen a day. but is the procedure the same meaning let the tank sit empty for 6-8 weeks?

3wks ago my wrasse jumped, last week i found my flame was stuck head first in a rock. beginning to think he didnt die from being stuck.

any ideas of what i can to do. one thing i have to do is find my cardinal, dead or alive i guess. and as far as the disease goes??

please help

:( :(
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Could there be something in the tank that you are not detecting with your test kist? (what test kits are you using and what are actual params).



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not sure of the name but the tester is a platic vial with the different types of tests/ number values on the side. the test is in powder form. nitrate 0 nitrite slightly tinted but still under 10, ammonia 0, ph 7.8 which has been since the tank started over 2yrs ago. thats all im really testing.


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The dusting does sound like marine ich. Maybe some sort of event caused stress in the fish, allowing the ich to get going. I'd set up a hospital tank and run hyposalinity.