Sick Scooter Blenny


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I have had 2 scooter blennys for about 2 months now. They were both doing great until 2 days ago. Now the female seems to have stopped eating and is getting really thin. She also hides more that ever but dose not seem to have labored breathing or sluggish movement. I had been feeding them frozen Mysis shrimp 3 times a day and they would mow them down. The male still dose and is acting normal. She is not interested in them anymore or any food for that matter. Could this be a virus? I have checked the water and it came out perfect. Should I try getting some live Mysis or something along those lines?


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Sorry forgot about the details. The tank is a 54 gal bow front with a 20 gal long sump/fuge. I don’t see any pods in the fuge oddly enough, but i can see them in the main tank. I have lots of amphipods (spelling) but I don’t see many others.

I also re-read my first post and what i meant to ask was should I get some vitamin enriched live mysis or brine.

Thanks for the help.


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I feed live brines too my tank occasionally as a 'treat' after visiting one of the shops in Tonawanda that normally has them for sale, have never seen the Mandrin's or Scooter blenny eat any of them. The brine shrimp are good sized ones though and all eaten by the other fish and corals in the tank.

A good pod population as Gary mentioned is really needed, they seem to go for really small prey.

If one fish is doing well and the other sickly there could be some illness involved, however I am not an expert on illnesses at all and would have no clue what other signs too look for in diagnosing


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Soak food in Zoe or Selcon. Just a guess, but it does supply other nutrients. It may also be that one fish is just elderly or ailing. We don't know how old wild-caught fish may be.